Need help in ID Kate Spade flat shoes

  1. I posted this on my blog but haven't gotten a response. Can anyone ID this shoe? It's Kate Spade and was a popular print several years ago. I think the print starts with a letter "N" but for the life of me I can't remember. Nova? Or something.

    I've never worn it as it fits a bit snug and I never got a chance to return it. Many thanks in advance!
  2. I think it's called the "Mullen Stripe".
  3. really? it doesn't sound right but thanks, suli!
  4. They're cute, though.
  5. I pulled the name of the print from the "I hate counterfeit" website which specializes in Kate Spade. She doesn't list anything other than bags, but I would assume that the prints are the same across the board, even if the shoe name might be different. Here's the website: index
  6. wow, thanks for checking SuLi! the period that the bag was posted is correct. so i guess Mullen Stripe it is then.
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