need help in getting the 2nd Bal!!!

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  1. I just bought my first Bal city ivory 07 on ebay (new) and thinking of get the 2nd one but one hand wanna get GGH city french blue but other hand want to get any color on first so please help!!! TIA
  2. Thats what I love about Bal! Soooooo many colors!!!
  3. ohhhh---- congrats... maybe black? or since summer is here- a huge pop of color- bubble gum or magneta!
  4. Bubble gum was my first drool lol but thinking about my outfit and 3 months old baby I don't think its a good idea to get a light/bright color (even really love the bubble gum :sad: )
  5. Go for the color that really makes you happy and that you can't keep out of your mind. The french blue is nice. If you really like pinks then maybe the magenta?
  6. I suggest browsing around the clubhouse and ref library for pictures so you can get a better idea of which colors you like. :yes: Congrats on your first Bbag, by the way!
  7. I suggest since you bought a white bag, get a pop of color!
  8. Thank you ronsdiva and Jira (Jira you were my helper who Authenticated my first bbag! Thank you so much)
  9. I agree with ronsdiva..a magenta is so bright and pretty..I love French Blue also and you might look at a pretty teal or turquoise..oh SO many to think about while you rock your lovely baby..congrats on that too.:flowers:
  10. maybe a EB/turq/coral first? i love first, so cute and chic!! i think a black first is very classy.
  11. congrats, i'd get a pop colour or a black first/city!but as said above, go to the colour ref thread and choose your fave, you can't go wrong IMO!