need help in finding apartments in NYC

  1. I already posted this but thought I'd reword the title. Anyway, while I was visiting nyc last december, I met with some firms and I got an offer for a summer internship! I'm soo excited! I cannot wait! :yahoo: So now the big dilemma is where I am going to stay. The firm that accepted me is mid-size so they don't provide housing for their interns. I would really3 appreciate it if anyone has recs for where I can find a decent priced sublet in UES. I stayed in midtown when I was in nyc last december and we mostly went around UES so I'm sort of familiar with the place. I think my mom is willing to pay at least half of my rent for the summer coz I don't want her to pay for all of it(yes I'm a good daughter :angel:) since my internship is gonna be a paid one. So my criteria is that the place should be in a safe neighborhood and near a subway. Would really3 appreciate any recs, tips, or leads on anyone who is subletting their place for the summer(June-August). Thank you so much in advance.:cutesy: