Need Help In Finding A Pair Of Christian Louboutin Shoes . . .

  1. Am currently in London at the moment.
    I stopped at the christian louboutin store at Motcomb st. and i saw a pair of Shoes called Rolando in an Electric Blue color however they didn't have my size.

    The Sales Assistant told me to try Knightsbridge and Harvey Nichols, which i did, however they didn't have it in that color.

    Also tried Net a porter and got the same results.

    So i really don't know what to do. I was wondering if you knew of anyother websites where i could get these pair of shoes from?

    Would be happy to hear from you.


    *Below is the picture of the shoes*

  2. heiress, i think the ladies here said that the electric blue rolandos were available at jeffrey's. otherwise, there is always eBay. there's a couple listed at the moment but they are outrageously priced.
  3. Yes, the word here is the electric blue is hard to find. Only available at Jeffrey's and they are sold out. There are some on eBay, but be prepared to shell out big bucks.
  4. Sweet Jesus, Why did I have to see those shoes!!! Those are fabulous. I will run over to Jeffrey's tomorrow.
  5. Try Browns Fashion in South Molton Street

    Also, what was in stock in Motcomb st?
    I called but the SA was sooooo not helpful!
  6. eBay is the only option for those right now.
  7. those are spectacular!
  8. I love the Rolando's...but somehow I think even that syle of shoe is hard to come across...I haven't seen it anywhere in stores, only online (and i would not buy CL's without trying them on). The blue is gorgeous...good luck...
    Pardon me...what is Jefferey's??? Sorry, never heard of it!
  9. Jeffrey is a boutique. They have CLs and they have stores in NYC and Atlanta.

    And, foxy is right..sold out, trust me I called a while back. lol

    Ebay is an option and you could also check back periodically with certain boutiques because a return could happen. I thought I would have to size up for the rolandos, but they ran fairly true to size for me. I have them in "fuchsia" and they fit me really well and I haven't even worn them out yet so I'm sure they will stretch a tad with wear too. Others will say you have to size up though so yet another CL that confuses me. lol
  10. Have you tried Harrods or Selfridges? They are both in Knightsbridge too
  11. Thanks everyone for your advise

    @ Londongirlie I tried Harvey Nichols and Harrods and they don't have them in that color either. Am thinking about calling the CL in Paris. Hopefully they would have it :smile:
    I figured i should give it a shot anyway, you never know. . . .
  12. Neither one of the two CL Paris boutiques ordered Rolando in that color; I had called way back and that's the confirmation I got.
  13. Your only chance is eBay.