Need help in finding a bag


Sep 4, 2006
My MIL saw a lady carrying a chanel bag that she liked so we went looking for one in the boutique. We tried explaining the style to the SA but she couldnt help us.

I would like to get it for my MIL for Christmas and I am hoping to find one if it is still available. She explained to me that it is a quilted bag that is shaped like a bowler bag. From her description it almost sounds like it is in the shape of the louis vuitton epi jasmin. Maybe a little more rounder. The zipper come down about halfway down the sides of the bag.

I am not very familiar with chanel bags so I would greatly appreciate any help. Thanks in advance!
Is it the bag that Jennifer has? Here's a link to the thread her pics are in:

Or is it maybe this one from the Cloudy Bundle Ligne:

^the cloudy bundle bowler was what i was thinking too!

here are some other quilted bowler-ish bags:
1) the new one in the ad which i don't know the name of
2) lady braid (in my avatar)
3) cambon bowler (but it's kinda squarish and less like the epi jasmin)


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Thanks for all your replies. I checked the reference post and thought it was the lady braid. When I called my MIL to describe the bag that I found she mentioned that the bag she wanted did not have any chain handles.

I think the bag that tammy posted might be the one! Thanks again for all your help!