Need Help in Editing the Price of my Listed Items...

  1. xxx
    please take a moment to re-read the rules of tPF, no one is allowed to post their eBay auctions or IDs here.


    I have listed the above listing on eBay and noticed that I have mistype my BIN price it should be 459 instead of 495 but when I tried to edit it eBay say I exceed editing limit. Does that happens to any of you before?

    Please advise !!
  2. its because you are a new seller and your are trying to revise a designer item. You wont be able to revise it or list another item within 7 days!
  3. You won't get to change your listings freely until you have +10 feedback, I think. I would end your item and try again if it really means that much to you.
  4. Thanks everyone and sorry abt the posting !! I will remeber that and wont do it again !!