Need help in detecting a fake or not - Mono Sac Plat

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  1. I think it's fake... the handles look funny.

    Edit: Wait a minute. I just realised it's a vintage LV. Hmm... I don't know... The handles still look weird to me.

    Further edit: I got to refer to my vintage LV reference book at home before I can answer this question... I remember seeing a vintage Sac Plat in my book.
  2. looks good to me, but....seems kinda cheap cuz it's sooo used
  3. Looks good to me, too. I know older sac plats had this kind of lining....but why no French Co. tag? Hmm...
  4. It looks real to me - please post this auction in the Authenticate This LV thread in the Shopping forum at the top of this page for another opinion BEFORE bidding.
  5. I have heard that people used to remove the tag when they got the bag... I had a mint FC Speedy 30 with the tag removed. :yes:
  6. The handles are made of treated leather so they definitely do not look anything like modern vachetta.
  7. Ok I checked my reference book... there's supposed to be a mustard coloured tag in it, but in the auction the seller says the bag doesn't have the tag - maybe she cut it away? You could try asking her though.

    As for the handles, the ones in the auction look like the ones in my reference book.
  8. im not sure how to tell vintage.. it pretty much looks real....
  9. Those French Company tags sometimes fall off too. They are not a whole lot different from the Tyvek-like tags you get attached to comforters and blankets.