Need help in detecting a fake or not - Mono Sac Plat

I think it's fake... the handles look funny.

Edit: Wait a minute. I just realised it's a vintage LV. Hmm... I don't know... The handles still look weird to me.

Further edit: I got to refer to my vintage LV reference book at home before I can answer this question... I remember seeing a vintage Sac Plat in my book.
It looks real to me - please post this auction in the Authenticate This LV thread in the Shopping forum at the top of this page for another opinion BEFORE bidding.
Ok I checked my reference book... there's supposed to be a mustard coloured tag in it, but in the auction the seller says the bag doesn't have the tag - maybe she cut it away? You could try asking her though.

As for the handles, the ones in the auction look like the ones in my reference book.