Need Help In Deciding Which Bags To Purchase

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  1. ^ lmao! You can add my name to that letter and send it off to her asap!
  2. LOL...I shall! And it will be titled... 'GWEN, stop it'! lol
  3. :roflmfao:

  4. raider69 - Century 21 is in downtown Manhattan, across the street from the WTC. If you are out in LI, there are Off Saks out there. The tanger outlets as you mentioned and there's another in Westbury. There's also a Nordstrom Racks out there.
  5. ^ Btw - beware of the bags sold at Century's though. My sister was checking them out for me last time and although the prices are great, they were all pretty messed up. Scratches, paint peeling, etc. like it's been used and abused.. Or maybe it was just the batch that she saw.
    Just some insight for ppl that are going to check out Century's.
  6. I have not even gotten to the clothes or shoes yet. I can't seem to get past the handbags................. God help me if I start looking at the clothes and shoes, I will not have a husband anymore. :wtf:
  7. Thanks... I don't get to the city that much or to Nassau, so I will probably take a ride out to the outlet center in another week or so and check out off 5th and see what they have. Is the Nordstoms rack at Tanger or in Westbury, sorry confused on that...
  8. Lmao, lambiepie I loved your Dear Gwen letter. Please sign my name as well!!!

    raider69, I can't wait to see your cat satchel. It very much reminds me of the Marley Hill from the signature collection and I absolutely adore that bag!!
  9. Why thank you knaz! Hahaha, and i shall add your name to the list!

    I'm going to have to send it on l.a.m.b letter head, so she can see that we mean business!
  10. ^^ :lol:
    count me in!

    that's probably good idea to buy the clarendon now while it's still there and see if you like it or not.. you can always return it if you don't like em :yes:
    and i can't wait to see the new bag!! i haven't seen anything in this print yet..
  11. I will post them both even if I send the clarendon back. Can't wait...
  12. [​IMG] Hi Raider69! I had the Camden Satchel for a brief moment but had to take it back - it was a bit hard to get into and it squeaked like crazy! Every time the handle moved, it was noisy. It had to go....

    Beware [​IMG]....we all turn into LAMB Zombies [​IMG]when new stuff comes out...there is no cure ....the only treatment is more LAMB!
  13. The Nordstrom Rack is in Westbury. So, you can hit up both Off Saks and NR at one shot !

    My sister was out at the Tanger one today - she said they had a pretty good selection and it was VERY neat in there compared to the Off Saks over in Jersey Gardens.
    She picked up 2 LAMB bags :P
    The Silver marley hill and the Cheetah Rowington :drool:
    I am SO Happy ! I can borrow her rowington now....I have been wanting that bag FOREVER !
  14. I will not be able to get to Tanger outlet until beginning of next week. Can I ask what she paid for each of those bags. Just curious on what kind of discount you get. Also, I just asked this in another thread, but will ask here too. Everyone is talking about a 30% off coupon, what is that all about and can anyone get one?

    On the Camden bag, I haven't had any problems with it squeaking, thank god. I just really love that bag and the leather smell is overwhelming!!! I would never of paid full price for it though as the sales price was even pretty steep.
  15. ^ mmmm the camden satchel is one of my favorites! It does have a strong leather smell, but it's worth it for how buttery and soft that leather is...yummmmy