Need Help In Deciding Which Bags To Purchase

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  1. I am looking to purchase 2 lamb bags but am so undecided on which ones because I love them all.. lol! My obsession for lamb is fairly new. I purchased my first one maybe 2 or 3 months ago from Nordstroms on sale. It was the Kensington Camden Satchel (by the way, never heard anyone talk about this one) and loved it so much, I purchased a Rasta Oxford bag from ebay (I think that is the name of it?)
    I am now looking at Nordstroms and absolutly love the Jamaican Jaquard Cat Satchel, but hope it's big enough. That one I know I want. The other 3 I am having a hard time with is the Clarendon Hobo bag, because I really really want a black and white striped bag (but I am thinking by the measurements that it is huge! Please if anyone has one, let me know how you like it) and the Montego Checkerboard (was hoping for the ombre chain in this style though) and the Green ombre mandeville or the hopewell, etc... OMG this is driving me crazy!!! Help me if you can.... :confused1:
  2. welcome to the madness dear.. :biggrin: lamb always drive us crazy.. in a good way of course..

    from what i hear and see, the clarendon is pretty huge.. i think Luna posted a modeling shot of the bag.. try to search for it.. i'm not sure which thread but you could try search with keyword "trenchtown".. there's a thread about it as well somewhere in this lamb jungle..

    both mandeville and montego are two of our fave shapes.. someone also post real photos (not a stock photos) of the green ombre mandeville and it looks pretty good.. you should probably wait a lil bit, maybe it will come in montego as well if you really want the green.. :yes:
  3. Wow those are hard decisions. I agree the Clarendon is humongo. . . very ginormous,lol. I am a fan of the green and am also hoping Nordies will eventually get it in Montego and Exeter! I agree with indi, you should wait. They will probably get more styles and eventually it will
    go on sale too.

    And welcome to the jungle my dear. We have all become victims of MLD (mad LAMB disease) lmao!
  4. I think I will wait on the Clarendon bag as I think it will be just too huge for me. I really really like it though. I love the green ombre too, but will take your advice and wait to see if it comes in the montego. That sounds like a favorite of everyones, the montego that is. I am going to go ahead and purchase the Jamacian Jacquard Cat satchet for now though. I just love the colors in that bag. I have a thing for green bags, any bag that is green, I cannot control myself!
    I always wanted a cross body small bag for when I go into the city, what do you think of the Canvas tote bullseye bag.... not sure it that is what it is called (at saks). Also... I just saw a post that you can get lamb bags at Century 21, hope this doesn't sound stupid, but what is that? And just one more question, is off 5th an online store? How soon do you think the lamb bags at Nordstroms will go on sale? Sorry for all the questions, you guys have been great in helping me expand my lamb knowledge thus far...:yes:
  5. century 21 is a discount store I guess in the ny area. Off fifth is also a discount store not online. The bags should go on sale in about 3-4 months. Yay! I like the cat satchel. I want some pics!:tup:
  6. ^ Century 21 is a discount store like a Loehmann's (if you're familiar with that store). Century 21 is more of an East coast thing, so maybe that is why you haven't heard of it.

    The new lamb bags that just came out (like the green ombre) won't go on sale for another few months...I'm thinking around August.

    If I had to vote on one of those bags you mentioned though, my vote would definitely be for the Clarendon, hands down! I know it is very big, but the Trenchtown collection is just gorgeous. Plus it seems to be very limited and I doubt any will make it to a sale price, so if you want it I would say get it now before it's too late!
  7. The BE wilbury(cross body bag) is really small and doesn't seem like it would hold hardly anything at all. Knasarae had one but she returned it. She also did a guts post of it I think.
  8. Congrats on the Cat satchel! :yahoo: I know a lot of lambies were drooling over that so post pics as soon as you get it!
  9. Okay, confused again... on the clarendon. I guess I can order it and see what I think. I can always return it. I am ordering the Cat satchel now though as I just have to have that bag!!! lol! I can't wait for a sale on that one. I will post pictures once I receive it.
    Thanks for info on the stores. I am in New York, long Island and have never heard of Century 21, but will now search it out when I go to the city again. I think there is an off 5th at Tanger here on Long Island, I will have to check that out as well.. I do appreciate all the good information!!!
  10. Oh i can't wait to see the cat satchel! Post lots of pics when you get it! I love that bag, but i'm trying to control my l.a.m.b spending madness! Lol. Trust that i would have bought it already if i wasn't trying to control myself!

    And the trenchtowns never made it to a sale the first time around, so i wouldn't expect it this time. If you really want it and think you must have it i would say get the clarendon(i love huge bags). I don't think we will see them back again.
  11. Okay thanks I haven't ordered yet, but may just order the 2. I can always return it if it's too big for me. I will not be able to buy another bag for a while after this and I still want the green ombre montego if it ever comes out... OMG...I am have MLD.... LOL!!!
  12. Hahaha! I think we all have it! And i don't think there's a cure! Unless they stop making l.a.m.b:wtf:! And yes you can always return if you don't like. You should never keep a bag unless you are totally in love with it! You have to find the perfect for you!
  13. ^ I totally agree with lambiepie, I don't think there's a cure either! Gwen really would have to stop making it to get us off this crack habit...sometimes I wish there weren't so many new things coming out all the time! It seems that L.A.M.B. has been picking up the pace and is releasing more new things more frequently in the past couple years. Just think about all the new bags, the Aston collection and the Soft Signature...give me time to catch up!
  14. ^^((HIGH FIVE))... I'm right here with you kwitthyy!

    Dear gwen, we are having trouble controlling ourselves when it comes to your clothes, shoes, BAGS, etc... please slow down so that we may catch up. TIA, Denise.