Need help in deciding wallets. . .

  1. I bought the Signature Large Hobo last year in b/k/t. My husband bought me the Hamptons Signature Slim in b/k/c. My problem is that the leather trim doesn't match my purse. Actually, I can't find a wallet that matches (I don't carry a checkbook) and I can't find my purse on the website. Did they discontinue it?

    So my options are keep this one or exchange it for the Legacy Leather Slim in whiskey. My only quirk there is that the hardware on my purse is silver and the wallet's is gold. I know- I obsess too much but it's a big deal for me.

    I will probably have these for several years and I need some opinions on matching my purse!

    Thanks for any help!

  2. Amy, what exactly is b/k/t and b/k/c? I know the k = khaki; I am thinking the t = tobacco and c = chestnut? And what is b?

    My brain is fried. :p
  3. Opps. . . it's brass.

    I'm in constant shorthand mode!
  4. That's what I thought but when you said that the hardware on your purse is silver it threw me off. Is your purse hardware brass or silver?
  5. My purse hardware is silver. I mixed brass with silver. My fault for trying to do this with with my 4 yr old running around. I'm sorry!

    My purse has silver hardware and that legacy has gold.
  6. No problem!! I thought I was losing my mind! LOL!! What about these Chelsea wallets? They are all khaki signature with silver hardware and tobacco leather trim.




  7. I had forgotten about the zippered wallet. I think that might be the one! Yay!