need help in deciding next purchase! a motorcycle sling perhaps?

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  1. hi everyone. First time posting a thread..
    okay ive a dilemma , albeit a happy one..
    im thinking of getting myself a xmas pressie.. and im deciding between a few bags..

    1. a gently used chloe paddington in light mousse
    2. brand new LV speedy in black epi leather
    ... and
    3. Balenciaga Khaki Motorcycle Sling
    Yahoo! Auctions - 95% NEW ! Authentic Balenciaga Khaki Motorcycle Sling auction

    im swayed towards the balenciaga cos i really really love the colour and i think its a gd bargain ~ ard usd$555
    however.. ive not seen many fans of the motorcycle sling on this forum. does anyone own the bag? or have any pics of you wearing it?
    what are the pros/cons of the bag?

    thanks in advance!:P
  2. If it's real, I'd go with the Balenciaga over the other two styles...but that's just me.

    This bag is possibly the Messenger style (aka "Men's Day"), but I don't know enough about them to be sure. Please be aware that a lot of those Yahoo auctions are fake. You may want to post this in the Authenticate This! Balenciaga! thread and have the experts take a look at it.
  3. get the b bag!!!
  4. Have you seen these bags IRL to make a decision?