Need help in deciding - Neverfull PM or Illovo PM

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  1. Ok, I know that these are 2 totally looking bags but I don't know which one to get as a birthday present for myself, turning 40:nuts:!

    I love the style of the Illovo PM but not sure if I will like the Damier. I am a monogram collector mainly because I love the bare vachetta. I enjoy have the vachetta change colour over time.

    From the pics, I love the look of the Neverfull PM but not 100% sure about not having a zipper. Our winters are long here and would hate to get snow falling into my stuff.

    I want to pick the right one to use as my everyday bag. I have several other LVs that I only use without the kids. Currently using my MM Looping but not loving it anymore.

    If I'm lucky maybe my husband will buy me the other but.....

    Tell me what you think.
  2. I would definately get a bag with a zipper. Have you thought about the BH or the cabas piano?
  3. I really like the Illovo... if neverfulls had zips I think I'd like them alot more :yes:
  4. I like the Illovo a lot more than the Neverfull... the Illovo looks a lot more comfortable to carry than the Neverfull, plus it doesn't look at cheap, IMHO.
  5. If I had to choose between the two I would get the Damier Illovo PM. Such a low maintance purse. Plus it has a zipper.
  6. Get the Illovo.....or a different bag with a zipper.
  7. Illovo PM
  8. Illovo! My mom owns it and it's her everyday bag!
  9. I have the Illovo PM, and while it's a great bag it's kind of small (Even for me) so I would recommend the Illovo MM instead!
  10. Illovo for sure. I honestly don't like the Neverfull. Plus with winter coming, the Illovo will be very practical.
  11. I like the neverfull.... casual tote, has a fresh, hip look. A great 40th b'day gift! waiting on mine now:yahoo:
  12. Illovo

    Congrats about turning 40 !

    happy birthday in advance !

  13. i reckon you should go for the Neverfull MM. slightly bigger than the PM. You'll be able to fit a lot with the MM because you'll be using it as an everyday bag.

    but btw the two, neverfull pm and illovo, i think illovo pm makes a great choice. but i think with kids, u'll need to bring a lot more...
    so i'll go for Neverfull MM
  14. Ok, I made up my mind. This is what I'm going to do. I'll let my 7 year son choose for me with the support of his little brother and father (his sis is too young right now). He is quite mature and knows Mommy loves LVs so I will trust his decision and will be happy with which ever he (they) pick out. Who knows maybe when I walk into the boutique, I may even walk out with something totally different.

    Will let you guys know what I will come back with next week. I plan to pick this one up in NYC next weekend.
  15. Illovo. good luck deciding.................