Need help in deciding color for 30 cm Lindy-classic or seasonal etain?

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  1. Hi everyone

    I've decided to take the plunge and get the Lindy! I love the shape, how versatile it is, being able to be worn on the shoulder and with the handles. It's just more suitable for my age and style. My wardrobe consists of a lot of neutrals (GREY mostly and navy) but I love wearing a pop of color (usually yellow).

    When I went into look at a Lindy initially, I tried on a gold and really liked it but I was shown the color swatches and saw the Etain. Being a grey lover, I am on the waitlist for it.

    However, I was at the store last week and saw an Etain in the SO Kelly but I can't say I was too overwhelmed just because it had much more of a brown undertone. I wasn't sure what leather it was and didn't think to ask. But I still want to wait and see how it will look in the Lindy. Have anyone seen one yet?

    If the Etain doesn't work out, I was deciding between gold and etoupe. I haven't seen the etoupe in real life yet but my SA took a few pictures for me because I couldn't travel down but it looked much different than what I've seen on this forum.

    So I need some help in deciding whether to go with the etain (seasonal) or gold or etoupe??????

    I know it's personal but just wanted to get some input from all the experts out there!;)
  2. Hi :smile: I'm currently in the same boat as you. Although I'm hoping to get mine either from Amsterdam or Paris in 5 weeks time. Personally from the colour choices that you've told us, I prefer the gold Lindy.
  3. I love grey too!!:flowers:I think that Gold and Etoupe are without a doubt year round colours. The one difference between Etain and Gold/Etoupe is that Gold/Etoupe has contrast stitching. Also if you wardrobe is colors lean more towards warm tones I would choose Gold and more cool tones I would choose Etoupe. I hope this helps!:flowers:
  4. I initially wanted Lindy in Etoupe but I purchased the Gold since it was available then. It goes with everything and I have no regrets. Sometimes I think I'm lucky to have bought the Gold instead of Etoupe, as it can be a bit dull - just my opinion. I haven't seen Etain IRL but I think chanel*liz (hope I get the name correct) has a Birkin 35 and she looks perfect with it! Good luck on deciding.
  5. I have Lindy in Etoupe, Orange, and Gold. Etoupe is the one that I use all the time!! I have seen Etain in person, I think comparing it to Etope, Etain has a more grey undertone than Etoupe, and it is much much cooler color (Etoupe is grey with brown undertone and warmer).
    hope this helps!!
  6. I vote for Gold!
  7. The white contrast stitching on gold and etoupe looks so great on the Lindy. Etain might be too somber for a fun bag like the Lindy and not provide enough visual interest when worn with your greys and navy.
  8. I think I like etoupe n gold better than etain...
  9. I haven't seen Etain yet, but I love grays. Between Etoupe and Gold I prefere Etoupe since I find it to be a more neutral color.
  10. I have both gold and etoupe. I think etoupe is still more versatile and has the grey undertones you are looking for.
  11. think that I would go with the etoupe....its really gorgeous in thelindy...
  12. I think I would go for the etoupe or the gold. Probably etoupe as I am not really a "gold" person but they are both beautiful...
  13. I have candy birkin etain and birkin etoupe. Etain is more grey than etoupe, etoupe has more brown undertone. I love both color. :smile:
  14. I would love to see pictures of the candy Etain!:smile:
  15. Etoupe is my fave in the Lindy!