Need Help in Deciding btw 2 bags

  1. So I went to Louis Vuitton 2 days ago and bought a black epi pochette with an extender. I have NO idea why I bought the pochette. I need a big bag. Plus, I want a bag that I can use for work and take out with me at night.

    With this in mind, please help me!!!

    I think I am going to get something from the Damier Canvas line, in azur. I'm just not sure which bag.

    I was thinking about either the speedy 30 or Saleya MM. However I am afraid that the speedy handles are going to get really dirty (mind you, i commute to and from Manhatten).

    Please help me pick a bag :confused1:
  2. I'd say the Speedy cause to me in the Azur it looks more versatile than the Saleya. Somehow it just looks very beachy to me...
  3. i live in nyc and i think the azur will get dirty no matter what. it's just so light. i do love a nice speedy though- any color or pattern!
  4. I would go with the speedy,it's definitely more versatile.
  5. Speedy
  6. Speedy!!!!
    [ and then Saleya :smile: ]
  7. Saleya, it's so NOT typical
  8. Speedy. If you're worried about the handles, them how about regular damier speedy?
  9. speedy
  10. If you are going to use it for evenings as well, definitely the speedy. Good luck with your decision!
  11. Speedy!!!
  12. Speedy....then eventually get the other bag.
  13. spppppppppeeeeedddy!
  14. between the two, i'd have to say "speedy"

    but not sure if both of them are great evening bags....
  15. Thank you all SOOOOOOOO much!!!!

    Ok, it's final. After work today I am getting the speedy in Azur. However, the next question is the 25 or the 30???