Need help in choosing

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  1. Hi friends!
    My wonderful husband is going to give me a gift, a bag for everyday use.
    I'm wavering between:

    -Beverly GM
    -Cabas Piano or Mezzo

    Help me choose.....
    :heart:thanks & a kiss! Stephanie.
  2. hm... out of those, i'd go with the tivoli. i like its shape! good luck in choosing, and you lucky gal!
  3. I love the Damier Cabas Piano.
  4. Such a sweet husband you have! I say wait for the Tivoli and then you can compare. Not much wait being it's almost Nov!:tup:
  5. I'd say wait for the new releases in a couple of days and make a decission ... but you can't go wrong with any of your choices. They are all great everyday bags.
  6. Beverly GM gets my vote... I just love the shape!
  7. I LOVE the Lockit Horizontal!
  8. Beverly GM
  9. Tivoli Looks diferent and gorgeous! I'm waiting that bag also. Good Lucky on your choose.:tup:
  10. Another vote for Beverly GM!! It is a HOT bag!!!
  11. Tivoli!
  12. Lockit horizontal :smile:
  13. Tivoli! My second choice would be the cabas mezzo
  14. I say the cabas piano!!!
  15. I vote for cabas mezzo!