Need help in choosing what type/color of cles to get...


which cles to get for my black epi bags

  1. red epi cles

  2. black epi cles

  3. red vernis cles

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  1. i recently started buying black epi bags. i have the croisette pm and the pochette accessories.

    i'm planning to get a cles to match these two bags.

    which would you suggest? and why

    black epi cles
    red epi cles
    red vernis cles

    if you have a black epi bag with cles, please post a picture. i will really appreciate.

    please help. i'm confused.

    thank you in advance :yes:
  2. i like the red vernis cles because it will stand out on the black epi
  3. ^ditto plus it has the LV on it (like i know your epi bags have an lv in the corner but this one will show up more but still be suttle)
  4. (wow i spelt that wrong..oh well)
  5. ama has a black passy and she once posted a pic with a red cles hanging off i think. it looked stunning.
  6. Vernis will be a lovely contrast to your black epis!
  7. Red vernis, adds so much 'pop'
  8. Red Vernis will look eye catching especially on Epi black bags!
  9. i've seen amaxr's picture with her black epi bags and her red epi cles. looks great! i love it! :heart:

    seems like a lot are leaning towards the new red vernis.

    i've narrowed my choices now to two. red epi cles or red vernis cles.

    i may have to go to the store and see for myself before buying. i definitely want to get a red cles to create contrast with my black epi bags :yes:

    thanks y'all ;)
  10. The red vernis would look GORGEOUS. Plus, you'd also be able to have something from another line :yes:
    Be sure to let us know what you choose!!
  11. Red Vernis Cles vote here!!!
  12. the red vernis would be great! :smile:
  13. red vernis
  14. red vernis!
  15. All three cles you've chosen won't fit much. If you are not really going to carry things in your cles, my vote is for epi. If you plan on using your cles, go for mono (it fits the most out of all the cles, IMO) and it's not a PITB to get things out of either.