Need Help in Choosing Bubble Quilt Accordian Flap

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  1. #1 Jan 29, 2010
    Last edited: Jan 29, 2010
    I just went to my local Neiman Marcus and was told that they have bought a few bags of the bubble quilt collection, one of which is what I've been looking for, the accordian flap. I was told that their price is around $3,800 plus tax (9.25% in my area) which comes out to roughly $4,200. I also noticed that Hirshleifers have one available (on display) which is selling for $3,525 + $35 for 2-day shipping (no sales tax outside NY) which comes out to $3,560. Obviously this would be a simple math that I would go for the one at Hirshleifers. In getting ready to pay for the bag, my SA was kind enough to look around and realized the bottom of the bag has a number of scrathces. Now my question is, should I still take this one (with some defects) or wait for a new one to come from Neiman Marcus but have to pay $600 more? Please help!!!!
  2. I don't think you should go for the display bag, even if you save $600. Unless your SA is offering a discount for the scratches? Even then, would you be happy with those scratches?

    Can your SA from Hirsch order you a new bag?

    Is that price difference between NM and Hirsch normal? $3800 vs. $3525? For some reason, I thought Chanel prices were the same across the board, whether you bought it at a boutique or NM/Saks/Hirsch?
  3. I think Neiman Marcus is using the new increased price, where I believe the one Hirsch has is from a 09 season and therefore still using the current price. Unfortunately this is the only one Hirsch has and cannot locate another one. That's why I'm debating if I should still pay $3525 for a slightly defected bag.
  4. Can you see if you can rub out some of the scratches? I have a bubble quilt flap from "
    '08 and sometimes it gets scratches that are superficial that I can just almost rub out with my thumb.
  5. it's quite a significant difference in price i have to say and oftentimes the "scratches" do come out... did you ask for photos?