Need help in choosing between two LVs!

  1. Hello LV experts!

    For my second LV, I'm deciding between two gorgeous ones... My bf said he was going to get me one for my birthday.

    The choices are this:




    Both are cute, and I like both!!! Help me decide which please....:drool:
  2. one is LE (CB retro), and one is discountinued color (Epi blue)....I would go w/Epi Jasmin and wallet combo :yes:! Jasmin is soo classy :love:
  3. I would try for the epi jasmin combo. You might still be able to get new if you call 866.
  4. Jasmin
  5. Jasmin. It's timeless and classic.
  6. usually i would say the retro LE one.......but im going to say to get the jasmin epi and beautiful and yeah. there maybe some new ones if ya call up 866 like LAmakeup said :yes: :heart:
  7. For those of you who own it, wha'ts the shape and feel of the jasmin like? is it bulky, does it get heavy, etc? or is it comfy?
  8. Another vote for Jasmin and wallet!
  9. Jasmin all the way!
  10. Initially I was going to scream go for the CB! But... I don't really like how the handle is on the Retro... so by default my vote goes to the Jasmin.
  11. I like the retro! i'd get that for myself too if I could!
  12. epi combo all the way. the retro is too trendy , the epi is classic , you will not regret it ... epi!!
  13. the epi set
  14. It's not bulky at all, and it's actually a really light bag. It's kind of like carrying a smaller, longer Speedy. I have one in Mandarin and love it!
    But...I love the CB more so I'd go for that one.
  15. Hmmm I'm not an expert by no means but from the look I like the Epi set! I usually lean towards CB stuff but that blue is so elegant and something you would use forever!