Need Help in Choosing a New Watch - Opinions Needed!

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Which watch should I choose?

  1. Classic Check Banded Watch

  2. All Silver Banded Watch

Multiple votes are allowed.
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  1. I need some help in choosing a new watch from Burberry. I am a major Nova Check / House Check lover and have a bunch of scarves and bags featuring it.

    Is it overboard to get a classic check banded watch too? Or should I opt for a more subtle design?

    Any opinions appreciated! Thank you so much! :yes:

    Classic Check Band:

    All Silver Band:
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    Last edited: Jan 25, 2009
    I would get the stainless one because the canvas strap is prone to getting dirty, prone to snagging, and isn't waterproof. There were a couple of watches with the canvas strap at the Burberry Outlet near me and they were heavily discounted because the straps had such severe snagging. Being waterproof is important because there is potential for the strap to get wet when you go to wash your hands. You won't have to worry about these problems with the stainless bracelet--just polish it every few wears.

    I don't know if you have a Costco near where you live, but you might want to check them out because they have some pretty competitive prices for Burberry watches. The one near me had similar styles going for between $200 and $250 that retailed for $300 and over.

    Burberry watches are made by Fossil in Switzerland so their quartz movements are alright. This also means that Fossil Outlets carry Buberry watches. Last I visited a Fossil outlet Burberry watches were 40% off retail prices.
  3. Euroaddict - Thank you for all the info! You are amazing! :tup: I never would have guessed that the straps were prone to snagging! I'll also have to check out the Fossil Outlet and take a look.
  4. I agree with euroaddict - having to maintain the band would be a pain! I think the stainless steel one is elegant and will last longer.
  5. I have the stainless steel one with the black face and I love it. I typically only wear it on weekends, but I have noticed a few scuffs on the bottom, I guess from it rubbing against surfaces.
  6. Thanks Lilyelloworchid and tlilrascal! I'll be getting a stainless steel one for sure!
  7. all stainless