NEED HELP IMMEDIATELY! J12 or Jumbo Flap in Black Caviar?

  1. i need your help girls! should i get the white j12 with diamond markers or the jumbo flap in black caviar? the bf has offered to buy me the j12 or the jumbo today before the price increase tomorrow. we're on vacation in hawaii and want to take advantage of the lower prices and sales tax.

    j12 pros and cons:

    - i love the j12!
    - i've always wanted the j12!

    - i'm kind of young for a j12.
    - i can't wear it everyday.
    - some people will think i'm crazy for getting one.
    - the bf says this will count towards our anniversary gift, christmas gift, and valentine's day gift. he will still take me out to a nice dinner for all three occasions.

    jumbo flap pros and cons:

    - it's a classic chanel bag that will never go out of fashion.
    - i need a black bag for a wedding in november.
    - the only black chanel bag that i have is the paris biarritz tote.
    - the bag will only count as our anniversary gift and i will still receive gifts for christmas and valentine's day.

    - i can buy it anytime.
    - the bf says i have bought too many bags in the last year and he's putting me on a ban until july 1st if i get this bag.

    what should i do? should i have the bf buy the j12 and buy myself the jumbo flap later on? also, do you think i should get the j12 with diamond markers over the plain j12 and the diamond bezel j12? i've always wanted the diamond bezel j12, but it didn't look that great on me when i tried it on. do you think i'll regret not getting the diamond bezel j12 in the long run?

    thanks for your input girls! sorry for the long post.
  2. Ohhh .... I was going to get my J12 in Hawaii. I think the J12 looks great on all ages! It's a very versatile watch .... you will love it! I just started wearing mines yesterday. I definitely think it beats a bag!
  3. LOL...oh the decisions we all must make!HEEHEE!
    I personally am not a fan of the J12..Id rather buy a cartier tank(which I own!).....
    Id get the black bag..and the extra presents that come with it later!HEHE!
    I think its more timeless.
  4. Hi, Get the j12 with diamond markers (compromise on J12)lol. I think it is gorgeous. It is for any age and it is not over the top in any way. U can dress it up or down. I know my DH and I can always "talk" him into another "present" even when he has said that (whatever I buy)has to be for a bday and an anniversary etc. Plus the bag will be aorund always. In the long run if the watch goes up in price u will actually be saving money, more so then on the bag (technically), percentage wise. Soooo go for it,:yes:. Please post pix whatever u do!
  5. J12, I love this watch. I have the diamond bezel one but don't wear it during the day. IMO the diamond marker is a perfect watch to wear day and night! BTW you can get the jumbo flap anytime.
  6. Not a watch nut - so I would go with the bag and goodies. Enjoy whatever you get.:smile:
  7. J12!! You can always get a black jumbo later on!
  8. I'd get the bag if I were you. Then you'll get more goodies later.
  9. i'm not really into watches so i would get the bag.
  10. I would get the J12 now. Even though your bf says that this will be a present for several special occasions, he may forget this fact, and buy you more gifts when these holidays come around months from now. If I were you, I would get the Jumbo myself so that your bf doesn't put you on a purse ban. He may not even notice that you have it. I have used all of this logic with my own boyfriend. :graucho: You have to be a smart strategist when it comes to Chanel and boyfriends.
  11. I would get a watch from a real watch company, Chanel really isn't a watch company and you a paying for the name. I would go with a Cartier or Rolex, I like my Cartier because it is modern and classic.
  12. Get the J12, it's great on any age. I would forgo all the other presents for the other holidays and score the J12.
  13. Go for the purse. I have one luxury watch and the Chanel jumbo. The purse gets used all the time. The watch does not. I'm also young and I think that the J12 is too flashy. If you want a nice watch, I'd go for a brand that actually specializes in watches, like Rolex.
  14. I would definitely go for the J12 with diamond marker. Like your BF says you have so many other bags, how many J12's do you have? Go for the J12 and pretty sure later on you will get the bag anyways.
  15. J 12 all thE WAY!!!! btw, isn't price increase nov 1st not sept?