Need help if this burberry is the real deal??

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Apr 1, 2009
Here's my Burberry Bag from a resale shop.. Hoping to confirm it is authentic... It has all the signs to look for to be real as in your postings but I still want to be sure! black leather label interior "made in italy" with no serial number on reverse as it is the rough sueded leather... all metal silver hardware burberry bar outside key fob and interior name plate Burberry London ...signature fabric...zippers marked lampo on reverse with a triangle I guess above the name...signature patent leather bottom with footed base metal burberry zip pulls w/leather tabs.... Here is a link to my slide show for all the photos...

HERE IS THE ITEM: ANY IDEAS OF WHEN IT COULD BE FROM OR AGE OR PRICE / VALUE WOULD BE APPRECIATED there are no stains or damage but the very front has 1 wear spot on each corner when leaning on supported feet.... thankyou!:lol:simoneemilie
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