Need help! If the bag i placed an order for has a small flaw should i accept it?

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  1. Hi girls! i just placed an order for my first MBMJ bag, the Dr Q Groovee Satchel in Light Brown! I'm so excited to get it, only thing is that there is a problem.

    I just received a call from the company, and they said that my bag had a spot on it in the front of the bag. I asked where it is and how big the spot was, and they said it was a 'speck' and that it was near the front right strap, but towards the center of the bag.

    Being cautious, I asked them to take a picture of the spot, and have attached it below. Granted it's not a HUGE spot, but you can tell its a BLACK spot. What do you girls think I should do? Should I just get my $$$ back or should I just go ahead since I bought it on discount anyway (I paid $300 for it)? Thanks girls!

    Here's a clickable picture of the spot:

  2. personally i wouldnt buy it ... it would really bug me everytime i wear it!
  3. Hmm, is it on the front or backside?
    If it's on the back, It wouldn't bother me all that much...but I would definitely ask for some type of small refund (10-15%) they would then probably make the purchase a final sale if it wasn't already.
  4. Unfortunately it's on the front! :sad: If it was on the back I probably wouldn't be so bothered. I did think of asking them for a further discount but didn't do so when they called me because I wanted to see the pictures first...I think the purchase is already final sale either way, but I guess there's no harm asking for a further discount..

  5. Girl, ask for a discount! Especially since it is a final sale. The spot wouldn't bug me as much if the bag were a bit cheaper...

    Good luck on your decision!
  6. Get a discount.
  7. If you're bothered by it now, you will be 100000x more bothered by it when it gets here.

    I would ask for a better discount. It seems like a previous season Groovee and for this flaw, they should be selling it for less than $300.
  8. The spot would bother me personally. If I could live with it, I would ask for a discount. I tend to be a perfectionist, so I would not want a bag with a spot on the front. I would wait for another Groovee to come around. Good luck with your decision!
  9. I'd pass on it. It definitely stands out enough that it would bother me regardless of the price.
  10. I personally wouldnt accept it cos I know I'd be bugged by it everytime I use the bag, unless off course, as the other Ladies suggest, they give me more discount.
  11. I think it might personally bother me too much. If you can live with it then I think you definitely should ask for a deeper discount.
  12. As everyone else said, I would definitely ask for a deep discount and hear what they have to say. Around 15-20% and if they say lower, then I would try to negotiate. You should justify it saying that otherwise, you wouldn't accept it and you would like a refund. You should also say that this 15-20% would go towards cleaning/fixing the bag at a local leather bag repair shop.

    GO for it! Let us know how it goes.
  13. that would bother me too much, I would have to pass.
  14. I just bought what I think is the same bag for $239 plus tax at saks, with no visible flaws.

    I would think of keeping it if and only if the bag is deeply discounted. At $300 I would return it.

    The back can be the front ya know, just switch the tag around. I guess the inner pocket will be in the opposite side but well, it could work. Just a thought!
  15. I think that spot would bother me, esp if buying it new.... i would either find another retailer to buy it from, or ask for a big discount.