Need help identifying Vintage pieces!

  1. Hi there!

    I'm a poster at the LV sub forum but recently my mom gave me a few old Dior bags that she's had for many, many years and I do love them but I have no knowledge about Dior bags so I was wondering if anyone can help me identify some of these pieces.

    These, I'm assuming, are REALLY dad used to work as an accountant for some company that is related to Christian Dior and he used to always buy my mom mom also worked for a firm that does something with Dior (not sure what, but this was in Hong Kong) so some of these bags were bought from the store herself.

    Name of the bag, year, and approximate retail/current value (don't expect much!) would be greatly appreciated!! Thanks!

    Here's my current fav, it's a clutch with a double gold chain...
    bag1a.jpg bag1b.jpg bag1c.jpg
  2. And here's a dark navy blue bag that reminds me of the LV Malesherbes:
    bag2a.jpg bag2b.jpg bag2c.jpg
  3. This is a soft briefcase of some sort, I'm assuming. My mom bought it off her friend (who also worked for Dior) for $100 HKD at the time which was probably around $20 USD back then.
    bag3a.jpg bag3b.jpg bag3c.jpg bag3d.jpg
  4. This one's still my mom's, I didn't really like it because the strap is too long and the colour just doesn't appeal to me:
    bag4a.jpg bag4b.jpg
  5. And this is the last one that I got. It's a black leather's really big in terms of width and length but it's quite thin for a bag this big:

    Hopefully someone can identify these pieces for me! TIA! :flowers:
    bag5d.jpg bag5a.jpg bag5b.jpg bag5c.jpg
  6. OH MY! What elegant bags!!! I don't know too much about the names and dates of these models but I do know that they look absolutely fabulous!
  7. Aww thanks...but it looks like nobody else knows either!
    These must be REALLY vintage!! :lol:
  8. Hi! I collect vintage Dior. These bags look like they're from the 80's. The nylon coated canvas was very popular then. The clutch bag is most stylish right now--if you were to sell it on ebay, maybe you'd get $20-$50. The purse is also nice, maybe $50. Right now, it's the cloth canvas bags that are super popular.....

    If I were you, I'd hang on to them--probably worth more when they age a bit :smile: Lovely bags though!!

  9. Thanks so much Rachel!
  10. I've seen them sell for around that price too, which is sad because fakes sell for a lot more.:sad:
  11. thats true`!:crybaby: