need help identifying this color

  1. Dear chloe experts,

    This might be a very easy job for you to do...deciphering colors.
    THis is my friends'friends'friends picture so I have to cut out the rest and leave the paddy in. I love the color of the paddy she carried, is that whisky or tan? I always thought whiskey is a darker color than this...but maybe in daylight/sunlight it's not?:confused1:
    If this turns out to be choice of paddy then have just been transferred from craie,tan to whiskey.:shame:

    thanks for all ur help!:flowers: :flowers:
    what color.JPG
  2. sorry for the small n blurry picture, that's the best I could do....
  3. It looks like whiskey to me. I think tan is a bit lighter than that. :smile:
  4. Its definitely too dark for tan even in daylight. Its defo Whiskey :yes:
  5. wow....
    isnt it amazing how there are sooo many colors reflected by a single whiskey?
    I mean, looking at pictures here at purseforum, or seems like whiskey is a darker color...way darker.
    and that probably affected me and my way of thinking when I actually saw a real whiskey at neiman. anyway anyway....I really really thought that was tan! oh my gosh, now I cannot choose between the 3! if only i have the money to buy all 3!
    but, thank you for your help audrey and chloebabe! :cutesy:
  6. Definitely whiskey!:yes:
    <------ Check my avatar
    That's a pretty true likeness to the colour.:flowers:
  7. oh yea!! i can see it....
    thanks chicky!
  8. what about this color.....

    why am I having more difficulties the more I look at more pictures.
    I said too much "more".......:confused1: :confused1: :confused1: :confused1:

    the seller says this is whiskey. but isnt it too light for a whiskey? it looks like mischa barton's tan paddy.
  9. ^ I'm pretty sure the bag in that ad is whiskey. :smile:
  10. Agree with Audrey- whiskey!
  11. I thought that ad was before whiskey came out....I always thought it was tan.
  12. That's odd... the add is from s/s 2005 but it does not look like tan to me... It's darker than that.. :confused1:
  13. thanks audrey, hmw46 and junebug for the response..
    i think i'm falling in love with whiskey again!!!!
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