Need help identifying this bag

  1. This is the first bag I bought from Coach. I got it from the outlet a few years ago before I really knew anything about Coach. Does anyone have any idea of what it's called? Some kind of soho I think. I have a matching wristlet too. It's black and white tweed, with black leather trim, a silver buckle, a black leather reversible strap (red leather underneath). The serial number is G3J-9395. It does not come up in the drilldown. Pics attached. Thanks!! :p
    IMG_1652.JPG IMG_1651.JPG IMG_1669.JPG
  2. It looks like a herringbone. I have one in pink from a few christmases ago. Will post a pic later.
  3. Sweet! Can't wait to see your pic. Herringbone was the word I couldn't think of.