Need help identifying Dior (I think) Purse

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  1. Hi everyone,
    I saw this purse online in someone's pictures and I love it. I think its dior but I'm not 100% sure. Could someone tell me who makes it, and maybe where I could find it, or the name of it? I serached all over eBay and the dior website---nothing.

    I am in serious :heart: with it so PLEASE help me out.
  2. hi, modl0001, that's Dior Gaucho but unfortunately that bag was fake , you can go to Dior section and see the Authernic tips which MayDay have made it.
  3. Does dior make it in that yellow color or is the whole thing fake?
  4. you should go to dior section to help you authentify that handbag. and also, more photos! not only one! :smile: