Need help identifying an IF bag

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  1. AT Cafe Express today the lady next to me had a bag I need.
    No, seriously, she did!!!
    Here's the couple of things I noticed:
    It was a red Isabella Fiore,
    it had one strap and fit on the shoulder.
    It had studs in a scrolly design on the sides.
    It had a "belt near the top w/ a buckle. {Gawd that sounds ugly! But it's hard to describe!"}
    It had red pony hair in the center.

    Oh, I asked her about it and she said she bought it in Aug last year and it came in black too.

    Anyone know about this?
    I have a "thing" for red accessories and this bag was a lovely shade!
  2. Ooooh, found it. Haven't checked it out to see if it's real, it's the wrong color anyhow. Just wanted to let you guys know before anyone did any digging for me!

    Anyone know where I can peruse and buy authentic IF online?
  3. raquel if.jpg

    Hi Amanda -

    I think it's this one, right? Sometimes it is called "Rita", sometimes "Raquel".

    The black version has appeared on ebay (I sold one!) but I haven't seen the red version listed. You could add "Isabella Fiore haircalf" and "Isabella Fiore ponytail" to your favorite searches on ebay, and check the box so ebay can email you when one does appear as a listing. Hopefully you can snag one!!

    Good luck!