Need help identifying a Prada bag!

  1. Just got it at NM in-store sale, it's a black satchel with tags hanging on it and a chain. One tag says prada and another one says "Original deerskin"... on it. In the middle of the bag, it also says Prada. It's really cute, was wondering what the name of it, if any. The original price was $1890 or so.
  2. Actually it kind of looks like a bowling bag style..
  3. Does it have a gold chain on the side of it?Thats a GREAT bag!!!If thats the one....its like a bowler?
  4. Yep, a gold chain on the side and looks like a bowling bag.. do you know the style/name?
  5. ^its from the FALL collection of antic was in the small insert that came in the NM catalogue..I adore that bag!BUT it was too small for all my junk.
    U got it on sale??WOWZA!!!!!!!Id totally buy it on sale..Good job..its a KILLER bag!
  6. Yep, it was the only worthwhile bag on that sale table, imo.. THe other one was Gucci bowling with chain straps but instead of a Gucci logo, it had Gucci spelled out in tiny letters, somehow it put me I got Prada LOL! Never really liked Prada before but this one was so cute and bling-ey :tup: You areally think it's small? It fits so much, I have ton of room left...

    I carry huge bags normally.....
  8. ooh- this bag sounds gorgeous! Pics please!
  9. Will post pics as soon as I can, my camera has been a total bear lately, dying on me all the time even after being charged.