need help identifying a bag!!!

  1. i was at the tannersville, pa outlet a couple days ago and saw a white legacy leather bag with two front pockets like the shoulder bag.
    however, the original price was around $750-760? and the outlet price was $430.
    the shoulder bag definitely is not that expensive, and it wasn't the mandy because the bag was not that large.
    which bag is it?!?!
  2. That would most likely be the Mandy, style # 10331

  3. from what i've seen/heard, the mandy is quite large, right?
    this bag fit snugly under my arm and if i recall correctly, there was no chain in between the two front pockets...
  4. It could have been the shoulder bag then which has no dogleash clip between the pockets and fits snugly under armpit
  5. did it have turnlocks or buckles ? maybe it was the double pocket shoulder tote
  6. but doesn't the shoulder bag retail for like $398 or so?
    lol i'm so confuseddd!
  7. Maybe the bag is mismarked, Maybe you can get the bags number to be sure?
  8. Oh maybe it was a legacy satchel
  9. nevermind, the satchel has the dogleash detail too
  10. i'm sure it wasn't the legacy satchel. or the double pocket tote.
    i know it was legacy because it had the lining...i can't get the numbers because i was about to buy it but someone snatched it up =(
    so now i'm trying to track down which one exactly it is.
    i suppose it could have been mismarked but that would be a huge mistake!
    i would have paid like $200-300 more than i should have.
  11. The outlet I go to was selling the shoulder bags for $115 no tax. I haven't seen one in white though. Maybe go through eBay and look through the pictures and see if it looks familiar, good luck !
  12. My Mandy says retail $798, factory price $719 and then it is marked down. Does this tag info sound familiar?
  13. Could it have been the Leigh? The leather retails for $658 I think...?
  14. no chain link strap so not the leigh.

    the most feasible explanation seems to be a mistake in the tagging i guess...

    i'm pretty sure it wasn't the mandy since there was no middle dogleash strap.