Need help identifying a bag

  1. So I went to the Oprah show today. The topic wasn't very exciting unfortunately. What was exciting was a gorgeous pair of Chanel shoes one of the producers was wearing and a bag that she pulled from one of the audience members and held up for us to see. I could have sworn she said it was LV but it looked nothing like one. It had multiple colors and looked kind of "bling"y, like it had some gold or something metallic on it. I may have misheard her but does LV make anything multicolored but not the mono multicolor? This isn't that important but she made such a big deal of the bag so now I am curious.

  2. are they heels??? mules?? pumps??? sandals?
  3. The LV was a bag.
  4. i dont know if you can show a picture? i know LV made a line of metalic/glitter mini LVs (mini? or which ever one was fabric..)
  5. It wasn't those. It was so weird because it looked nothing like LV. I don't want to waste anyone's time. I will serach a little on ebay and elsewhere and maybe I will find it. Thanks for your time!