Need help identifying a B bag please

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  1. Can you guys please help me? I really want this Balenciaga but I don't know the name of it. Also, does anyone know the price? Thanks for any help!


  2. I just got this bag yesterday in brown! It's called the Matelasse. I got mine on bluefly for a steal but I think they retail for $1800? There are two different sizes, that's the smaller one (I think it's called medium though). It's a great bag!

    There are two recent threads about it, look below at the "Quilted" threads...
  3. Thank you so much Glimmer. I want the medium (small) in black. I love my black City and I've really been wanting a quilted bag and this is perfect. I hope I can find one in black!
  4. You should have no trouble finding it in black. Hopefully you can find it somewhere on sale or on bluefly!
  5. I just checked Bluefly and there aren't any. Do you think they will go on sale at the boutique or Barneys?
  6. Balenciaga stuff gets listed on bluefly and it's gone in a flash. You have to check obsessively! Someone said they're on sale somewhere... did you read that other thread?
  7. I think I did read a thread but they only mentioned brown being on sale? I should look again...