Need Help Identifying 7 Hermes 35" Scarves

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  1. Hello! I found this forum via a search on Google and I'm so glad I did! You guys are definitely experts on all things Hermes. I need some help identifying 7 scarves that I will be posting on eBay tonight. I sell on consignment for clients who don't have the desire, time or money to do so themselves. I sold 2 scarves last week for this client and she brought me 7 more from her collection (lucky *****! :smile:). I've fallen in love with the scarves as I learn more about them and now I want one myself! (lol) Anyways, I will post these one by one due to the size limit on the files. Any info you can give me would be greatly appreciated!
    Hermes Turandot pic 1.jpg
  2. The first one's Turandot.

    I'm a little confused about why you're calling your client a mean name?
  3. Oh please don't take that the wrong way - it was not meant to be taken literally! It was meant in a jokingly way. Like - wish the scarves were mine instead :smile: Sorry if I offended you! Do you know anything else about the scarf? Some have the names printed on them and others don't. I'm getting ready to post pics of the other 6. Thanks for responding so fast!
  4. Well, shedog or not :p your client obviously has great taste, these are all gorgeous!
  5. I know I know! She definitely has top notch taste. Damn her for making me fall in love with these scarves! That's just what I needed - one more vice to deal with!
  6. Many of us have solved that by making Hermes our ONLY vice!! (Okay, maybe "main" vice.....) :yes:
  7. Oh yeah. I WISH! :graucho: