Need help ID-ing a bag

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  1. Does anyone know the name of the bag on the left? I saw it in person in NM and it is amazing!!!!

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  2. I haven't seen that - but it's very cute and I love the color!
  3. uh, oh :cry:

    Here we go again on the pursuit of another TDF Chloe bag! :roflmfao:
  4. those bags are TDF
  5. This bag is sitting in the neimans accross the street form me, and my best friend gets 30% off so i was trying to find out the name....whats TDF??? to die for??? lol i just figured it out......anyone know the name so she can order it for me??
  6. No clue, but if you figure it out, please let us know. I like the one on the right myself, as I need a slightly larger bag :graucho:

    TDF = To Die For :love:
  7. I agree chicbags, that bag is COOL!!
  8. Very cute. I found it on the Chloe website, but alas no name to accompany her. I find that so annoying that they don't put the names on it.
  9. totally agree - the colour is beautiful
  10. Ooohhh, is the left one a belt bag? I'm sure it'll look hot with tight denim jeans and boots!
  11. Its not a belt bag...its a double stranded shoulder bag....gorgeous!!!!! Does anyone know the NAME???????
  12. Regarding the bag on the RIGHT in the photo, did you get a look at how large it is?
  13. Nice bags, both of them. I dont understand why Chloé don't put names on their website - would prevent some of the stupid name confusion of their bags & it would probably help sales, if people would know wht bag to ask for...
  14. I called Chloe in Costa Mesa. The bag is called the DORA and it comes in the large and small. The smaller bag has a chain strap with python attachments on either end. That bag costs $1575, the larger bag costs $1420. The color is similar to the whiskey Edith. The SA (Claudia) who I spoke to said she also believes the bag came in chocolate too but she has not seen one.

    PS: the larger bag measures approximately 9.5" tall by 10" wide by 4" deep. It is unlined (leather) and has a twill zipper pocket.
  15. Thank you are amazing!!!!