Need help ID-ing a bag from Denim ligne...

  1. Hellooo lovely ladies and gents...

    I don't have a photo of this bag...but basically its a huge tote with the denim LV monogram print all over looks like a mesh of multiple denim bags...

    Does anyone have photos, price and its availability?

    TIA :flowers:
  2. Must be the patchwork. That was LE. Probably only available through re-sellers.
  3. ^^ I agree sounds like patchwork cabbie??
  4. ^Yep- denim patchwork from S/S '07. They're sold out, but here are the retail prices and models anyway:

    Bowly $2550
    Cabby $3300
    Posty $1900
    Pouchy $1150
    Speedy 30 $2050
  5. I know that Denim Patchwork Cabby in Grey is still available. I just saw one a few weeks ago at a store. I almost bought it. It's a really cool bag:tup:.
  6. all are right! i think it is the cabby... does anyone know what the interior is like?
  7. If I'm not mistaken it's like the soeedy with floral designs linning. I did saw it on the bag show at my local boutique but it was like a year ago.
  8. Patchwork lining copy.jpg