Need help! I can't decide!

  1. I really need help deciding which Pirata bag to purchase!!! I think I am stressing too much on this decision... still has some Zucca, 1 Gioco and at least 1 Corriere in the Pirata print.

    I have a Foresta Corriere and I LOVE IT, but was debating on another bag in the Pirata print. Do I get another Corriere, or go for a Gioco? Or a Zucca? Or, do I wait and see what shows up from a trusted seller on eBay or at SH?

    ARGH! :confused1:
  2. Well I might go with eBay just because that way you can see the placement..
  3. why dont you wait until pirata hits the outlets?? it would be cheaper by then and then you can probably choose your print placement?
  4. Yes, I agree with vmasterz, just wait till it gets to the outlet. I think it is going to be in the outlet real soon.
  5. JMHO but any print with "the girls" on it needs to be seen before purchased. I can't stand headless girls.

    The Pirata Zucca is way cute, so is the Pirata Gioco.
  6. I asked lesportsac if they can give me more details about the print...but I haven't heard back yet!
  7. And you probably won't!

    People who have bought from them say they are completely unhelpful... in fact I think one person said they were told the bags were actually in another location (warehouse or shipping center) so even if they wanted to check out a print placement they couldn't.

    But maybe things have changed....
  8. I agree. It'll be in the outlets any day now and you can have someone help you with print placement!
  9. Thanks, guys! I heard from lesportsac and they just said placement is good. That's all.

    I just can't decide between the Zucca, Gioco and the Corriere. I love my Foresta Corriere, but do I want TWO of this style? I have had my eye on the gioco for a while, but I want to see the print first (I want LOTS of little jewels and other smiling things!!!!) and think I may wait and see what shows on eBay, even if I have to pay more. I will at least know what the print placement is!

    Or, I can wait and see what the outlets get. But again, if I don't like the placement an outlet other than SH gives me, then I can't return it.

    Has anyone heard from Seattle as to what styles of bag they are getting, and do they have someone as helpful as Lindsey there?
  10. i think zucca is best for pirata!

  11. I second that coz I have one! :yes:
  12. Well, someone may or may not have told me that SH may or may not be getting some pirata zucca. Maybe, or maybe not. You know... So I may be able to get one from there, or maybe not. :smile:
  13. I decided on a zucca! I went to the Loehmann's near my house tonight and tried the Arancia one on my shoulder. I love it!
  14. YAY... pirata zuccas are awesome... I traded one for a foresta zucca... having it for that short while made me want the pirata one tho :drool:
  15. I'm still waiting for the perfect print Pirata zucca... There was one on e-bay that just ended a little while ago, but I noticed there was a pin on the front!! There's no way I could let two pinholes go... Each time I'd look at the bag I'd be like, "Did you see that? The holes just got bigger!" *lol*