NEED HELP! How to break in an 07 weekender

  1. i'm about to get an 07 black weekender for xmas :yahoo:and it's really big and because im quite short (5'4) i want to break it in a soon as possible so it looks just like karenab's back 05 weekender (karenab - i hope its ok i used you pic, but its what made me want a weekender)

    i know the '07 leather is completely different to the 05 but does anyone know a way i can break it in and make it as beautifully slouchy and as broken in as this one? also how long do you reckon it takes to break in an 07 weekender?

    if anyone has pictures can they please show me?

  2. Hehe, from my personal experience....put some heavy stuff (e.g., book) in the bag and let it hang there overnight for the first couple of weeks.
  3. thank you :smile:



    just because i want as much info as possible
  4. Hi!!

    No problem with you using my pic at all!

    I agree with the suggestion given. I know that my sandstone work was fairly stiff and non drooping when I first got it and what REALLY broke it in was 1 week when I literally stuffed it to the very top with very heavy things. I did that every day for 5 consecutive days. It was a b*tch to carry around that week but I happened to be carrying alot at that time and I figured that was a good time to put that overstuff theory to the test and it worked! After that week, my sandstone was so soft and the corners drooped and it now collapses into a heap when unstuffed. Just the way I like it - even though its giant hardware too!

    Do that with the weekender but just have it hang but REALLY stuff it so it gets fat on both sides. I think what you are doing is basically stretching the leather permanently so that when its unfilled, it becomes droopy.

    Good luck. Take before and after pics will you?
  5. Does your WE have the new longer handles...Or are they the short style - like the Vert D'Eau Weekender in my Avatar?

  6. Oh thank you! your weekender is liek my dream balenciaga look! :love:

    i will take photos and show everybody. only like 20 hours until i'll be opening it!

    it has the short handles unfourtunatly :sad: i have to stretch them out as well because it wont fit over my shoulder if i have thick clothes on or anything more than a t-shirt
  7. just use it!!!
  8. use it a lot!!! :p
  9. I was gonna say exactly the same thing :biggrin:
  10. Karen~~ can we see a pic of your lovely work?? :yes:
  11. I would say use it a lot too. My BG(in my sig it was end of day 5 of use) is only 1.5weeks old & it's so droopy already. I do stuff it with heavy stuff.
  12. ohh would love to see pics!!

    also, does the weekender look smaller once it's totally broken in?
  13. I LLLOOOOOOOOOOOVVVVVVVVVVVVVEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE ur new BG pink city!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:tup::heart: