Need help, how do i get rid of strong smoke odor?

  1. Ladies, I purchased a used chanel lambskin flap but the smoke ordor is so heavy, it's a bit unbearable....
    anyone have suggestions to get rid of it? many thanks!
  2. You could try stuffing a little stocking with tea leaves and leave it in the bag. The tea will adsorb some of the odor..hopefully u don't mind a bit of tea-scent?
  3. i had this problem myself and nothing worked (dryer sheets, paper spritzed with febreeze). i finally gave it to my sister who didn't mind because she's a smoker herself. lovin my bags sells odor eating "candies" -- you might try those.
  4. Aparantly kitty litter absorbs the odour!

    I know it seems extreme to put your fabulous bag in litter, but it is one of the very few things that works. Bicarbonate of soda is also a good one, but kitty litter is the one I have heard that works best.
  5. I second the kitty litter.
  6. Let it get some fresh air! This happened to me before with an LV, and (given good weather and with supervision), I put it in the window to get some nice, cool air! After a few days, there was a significant difference and the smell was almost undetectable.
  7. I second emotion this! I used this trick when I got a used LV speedy 25.. I just hanged it on my room for several days and BOOM! The odor is gone! :biggrin: