Need help, helping a friend decide

  1. My friend who lives in Texas wants me to help her pick out a purse. I need some suggestions please!!
    She cant afford alot cause she is a mom with a 1 yr old and doesnt make alot. She wants something not too big and not too small. She works and has to carry her little boy around so nothing too big, yet big enough to fit stuff in. She was thinking maybe a hobo style. And nothing too girly or flashy. She isnt much of a girly girl. More of plain but cute style.
    I have no clue of whats out there at this price. I know the last purse I saw her with was a Dooney and Burke. But i dont think she liked that purse much.
    Any ideas. I have told her Coach.. but i dont think she likes coach, she says she would be affraid she would get tired of it. But then told her to get just a leather one from there and i still dont think she wanted to go that route.
    I am thinking maybe $200 tops for her. But i am not sure.
    Thanks!:confused1: :shrugs: :sos:
  2. Oh she wrote back and said $300 for her budget.
  3. Does she need organizational pockets on the outside? Any color suggestions?
  4. Hm, my vote was gonna be for coach, but now I'll have to think..:huh:
  5. No she isnt that picky really. I dont think she would would like stuff on the outside.
    And the color.. something simple since she is a simple girl. Either brown or black i assume.
  6. you know, for the money (and if she doesn't like coach), i'd probably suggest a Nordstrom brand bag or hobo international. they use pretty good quality leather, and their styles are very simple/classic.
    Nordstrom Flap Tote - Leather -

    Hobo International Soft Bucket Bag - Leather -

    another one i really like, and was really surprised by the price (under $200): BCBGirls 'Amsterdam' Shopper - Leather -

    it's definitely the most fun of the 3, but i think it's still a good, practical size & style. i love the sapphire color, but it does also come in black.

  7. Michael Kors has some nice bags within that price range too.
  8. Thanks everyone. :flowers: I think alot of these may work for her. Passerby, I think the blk hobo you suggested with the one zipped on the front may be perfect for her.
    I am still going through all the websites put up so I will let you all know what she decides.