which one to keep?!

  1. magenta city with GSH

  2. white work with GGH

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  1. im in PAIN, can't decide which one to keep, PLEASE PLEASE help me!!
    01262008063.jpg 01262008064.jpg 01262008061.jpg 01262008065.jpg
  2. prefer the white; it will go with everything and the GGH is hot
  3. White!
  4. White is gorgeous but in a work, there is a whole lot of white-ness to care for. It would be a pain. But having said that, it looks really nicely HUGE on your frame & gorgeous on all black like you pictures. BUT I had to vote Magenta coz it's a lovely POP of colour & it would be easier to care for minus all the extra baby-ing.
  5. Well, if you usually wear dark or neutral colors, the magenta adds a "pop" of color, but if you usually wear more colorful clothing, then the white would be a better bet. Myself, I would probably get more use out of the white - and it looks gorgeous and classy with the GGH.
  6. I'm back to your thread cuz you are making me want a White GGH!!! Looks so good with colored shoes and white bbag. Gorgeous!!!
  7. I love that white work!! Looks fabulous on you, but the only issue is maintaining it. Although I remember reading about how powder keeps her white bags clean, and she apple garde's it once a month (I think...) and it looks amazing even with daily use.
  8. me, I'm a chicken. I agree the white looks fab, but I would be too worried about getting it dirty.
  9. Puuuuuhleease people, just spray the white w/ apple guarde protectant spray twice let it dry, then do it again once a month. White isn't as hard to take care of IMHO.
  10. depends on the leather---which one is thicker? that'd be the one I'd keep.
  11. they both have GORGEOUS LEATHER.. that's why its soo hard to decide. ]=

    but thanks everyone!!
  12. ok then...I'd go with PINK!
  13. i say magenta =)
  14. I say the work, I prefer the GH on bigger bags, the city with GH is too much IMO... good luck! oh and white with GGH looks hot!
  15. It depends on your wardrobe, but I would def keep the white one!
    White looks great with GH and I think Work is a more convenient size.