Need help handling my toddler!!!

  1. So in addition to being about 10wks pregnant with my second child, I'm also mom to my dearest 22 month old son Andrew. He is just the greatest thing in the whole wide world and pretty much perfect in every way :heart:.

    He was always such a great sleeper until two weeks ago. Literally it was night-night, see you in the morning. Now he's waking up every two to three hours crying... each night. I coax him back to sleep but then he's up again :hysteric:. He's not sick (I took him in and they checked his ears and everything). Only other things I've noticed is that he's suddenly fighting naps and is much more curious, hyper, and active. Also suddenly fighting naps. No other stressors.

    I searched this topic online for hours a few nights ago and couldn't find anything. Anyone know if this is age-related or a phase? Or am I doomed :confused1:???
  2. Hi BonnieC...Congrats on your pregnancy! Hope you are doing well. I think you might be right...your DS might be just gg thru a phase at that age... toddlers go thru so many phases...ekekeke. You did the right the thing by bringing him to the least you can rule out some ailments.
    I'm abt 3 weeks along my DD is 33mths... lately she has been very clingy and crying for the slightest thing. My mom says tt perhaps she knows tt she's gonna be a big sis, so she's craving for more attention...ekekekeke...I dunno... my mom says its normal...
    Have you told your DS about his lil bro/sis? Cld he be acting out? Observe him for the next few weeks and see if this blows over.
    Hope this helps!
  3. Any new teethers coming in? If it makes you feel any better, my 5 yr old still wakes up in the middle of the night and comes in my room - we finally put a sleeping bag on my side of the bed so he doesnt wake me up anymore - hes been doing this for about 2 yrs now, I'm hoping he grows out of it before we have a second child, or else I"m going to have an infant and a 1st grader sleeping in my room!
  4. I've noticed w/ my 3 kiddos that anytime there is a new milestone reached or a growth spurt it interrupts their sleep.
    I bet it resolves itself soon.
  5. I am also pregnant and going through some sleep issues with my 2 year old. I have found that at bedtime it is very important to stick to a strict bedtime and she has come to love me telling her stories before bed. When she gives me a problem about going down I tell her "no stories then", and she runs to bed. Sometimes she wakes up in the night and if you can ignore it I think this is best because they need to learn to get back to bed without your help, but if you must go in the room make sure you never make the mistake of letting him come into your bed in the middle of the night! That is a VERY hard habit to break...
  6. Thanks everyone for the advice. I haven't really talked to DS about his little brother/sister yet. He's almost two, but more of a sign-languaging 2 than a talkative 2. I'm only about 10wks along also, so when I point to my belly and say "baby" he's like :confused1:, and then points to himself :p. Maybe he senses it, though.

    It very well could be milestone-related, too. I guess I've been lucky because he'd been an awesome sleeper up until now. I started working night shifts at the hospital (4 nights/wk) back in May and expected him to act out then, but he didn't.

    I'm pretty strict in my routine with him on weekends, and my sitter is really good about it during the weekdays. Overall, I'm lucky because I'm not home half the week he wakes up. But then on weekends when I'm supposed to be "resting," then everything breaks loose again.

    I'll keep you updated. Thanks again.