Need help hair cut!

  1. Hello Hello!!! So every couple years i grow out my hair and then i cut it short and every time i cut it short i cry for a week!!!! well its about that time again to cut my hair and cry!!!!!:yes:

    so im wondering if anyone has any cute recommendations for shorter hair styles. I like layers and something fun!!!

    any suggestions would be so awesome!!!
  2. Good thread, I want short, fun hair....cant wait to see some suggestions!
  3. definatly fun hair!!! i once had the ashlee simpson short chopy hair style but ive had that already which was super cute...but i wanna try something different!
  4. i found three that are fun what do you all think???
    ashlee simpson.jpg ashlee simpson 2.jpg hair cut.jpg
  5. ^^ that last one is cute cute cute! i (kind of) wish my hair was straight enough to wear that way!
  6. OMG, that last picture!!! Im so printing that out for myself lol.
    That is toooo cute, I like the middle one also...they are both pretty much the same, just the middle one is the longer version lol.
  7. i love them too...i have half straight half curly half wavy hair hahah so what ever hair cut i have i either have to straighten or scrunch!

    i think i really like the last pic the best
  8. Firstly I have to ask - why do you grow and cut your hair like you do if, when you cut it you cry!!?

    Secondly, I cut my long blonde hair really short (like the photo) and dyed it Dark Brown too and I LOVE IT.

    I finally decided that although I adore Elle Macpherson's hair if, after 36 years, my hair didn't look like that and never grew that long, that it wasn't going to! I had to have a hair style that actually suited my very fine, annoying "kinky" (not curly) hair so decided to cut it all off!!!! The 'surf chic' style looks good on Elle and Kate Moss but on me, it just looks like I need a good brush!

    Anyway, I think these are fun (especially as I have this obsession with Alyssa Milano anyway!) The third one is the longest I will now let my hair get.
    1901_1578_Milano-Alyssa-02-400.jpg 4723.jpg alyssa_milano_7.jpg
  9. love short hair and I loved this cut on her, I wish she kept it.
  10. Ditto, she looked fab! I don't know why any celebs with great short hair cuts always grow it right back out. At least Halle Berry stuck with it for a few years. I so wish she'd go back to it~
  11. I think Alyssa is beautiful anyway but I do think she looked absolutely fab with her short hair - hence why I had to have mine cut the same!
  12. The last one - is that Elisha Cuthburt - anyway whoever it is she looks lovely, I wish my hair would look do that!
  13. I cut my hair like that last September, (the Natalie Portman, A. Milano Pixie). I had never had short hair, and I loved it-but ultimately missed the ponytail.....just be aware, it's almost a year now, and I can just make a little ponytail. Of course, you can do extensions!

    My favorite short haircut was Sienna Miller's in Edie.
  14. I am having the same problem--picking out a new hairstyle/cut. I accidentally posted on the wrong thread under celebrities....but I think Nicole Ritchie's hair right now is really cute. It's not too "trendy" it's pretty classic.
  15. i'm also contemplating cutting my shoulder-length hair. in the past, my go-to cut has been a stacked chin-length bob, which works well with my fine curly/wavy hair...but if only my hair would just be straight! it's so sad...i've wanted a cut like victoria beckham's for years now, long before it was trendy, but my face is too round to pull it off :crybaby: