need help: great fashion buys in italy and switzerland

  1. hey there!

    i'm new here. so anyways, ill be travelling to italy and switzerland this coming june and i wanna know where the great fashion buys are. where the factory outlets are. where the BALENCIAGA store is and how much it's selling over there. i'm determined to getmy motorcycle bag! there's a men's version of the le dix motorcycle right? but is it too big? i saw someone in singapore carrying it recently but he disappeared before i could catch hold of him and ask him where the hell he got it from! hah. but i think i like the ladies version. the ones nicole richie and mary kate were toting around? yeah. they're quite big right and can fit like my ibook? i'm starting university in august and i'd kill to get my hands on a balenciaga and tote it around campus with a venti sized chai latte in my hand! haha!

    and i'm a guy. so, throw me the directions for all the great fashion buys. thanks a bunch!

  2. I went to an outlet in the outskirts of Florence. It was a 30 minute train ride from the city center. If you take the train, your stop would be Montevarchi. A cab can then take you to the Prada, Gucci and Fendi outlet stores. The stores are far apart from each other so you should contract the cab driver to pick you up and take you to all 3. I dont know much about the Balenciaga stores since I wasnt into bbags at that time...Have fun!
  3. ooh. exciting! alright, thanks for the help. i'll keep that in mind!

    anyone else?! heh. esp for the balenciaga!
  4. Hi, there is an outlet-store in south of Switzerland, I think in Mendrisio/TI and one near of Zurich - but I don't know there names, I'm sorry ! But I really would suggest to visit the City of Zurich !!!! There are all designer-shops (very expensive!) and in one you will find Balenciaga's - the Boutique is "Trois Pommes" ;) ! Have a nice trip - you're very welcome :flowers:
  5. oooh! i'm writing this down already! hah. thank you so very much.

    there is this store luisaviaroma (sp?) in Italy.. anyone heard of it or been there before? apparently they sell balenciaga there and i wanna know the price.

    i'm thinking of charging to mom's visa but well, i need to know the price first.. i don't want the card company to call her and enquire about some abnormal activities! hah!

    keep the information coming people! thanks!
  6. The Balenciaga store is in Paris. Balenciaga is a French designer, although the bags are made in Italy. I think luisaviaroma is just a website, not a store, but I am sure you can find out for sure on the site.
    I don't know of the great places in Italy to find bags for cheap, although I am sure there are some.
    I was shocked to go to the Prada outlet in Florence, only to find out it was owned by the EXACT same company as the Prada outlet in Woodbury Common, NY!!! Waste of time!!
    Bags do tend to be a bit cheaper in Italy, but with the Euro being strong, you are often not saving much in the end.
    I have traveled all over Europe extensively over the past five years and this is what I have found!!
    Make SURE you get your VAT back upon exiting the EU!
  7. These are the outlets I was talking about. I didn't find them any better than shopping on Ebay or at Woodbury Common outlet in the States.
    I think a motorcyle bag retails for approx. 850-900 Euros at the store in Paris. I think you can also buy Bbags at Les Printemps (sp?) and Le Bon Marche in Paris.
    But why not just buy your Bbag on ebay? If you know how to spot fakes, this is the best way to get both what you want and a good deal.
    I really find shopping in New York City the best in the world- for price and selection of designer labels. And I have practically been all over the world shopping. Paris is a close second, but it is a bit more expensive sometimes- although domestic lesser designer labels tend to be much cheaper than buying in the states.
  8. hmmm.. i have tried to get one from ebay. actually i want to get one from ebay and i've been following the guidelines to identifying a real Bbag found on this forum as well.. but my eyes are not trained as yet and i'm soooo afraid to getting myself a fake instead of the real one tht's why i'm opting for a balenciaga store instead.

    well we'll see.. but in the mean time. is Montevarchi the only street/place with all these labels? wot about cavalli? there should be a store somewhere in italy right? hah!
  9. I haven't been to the ones in the US, but I have been to the ones outside of Florence and we actually found an awesome selection. It obviously can be hit or miss, like any outlet. They're owned by the same people, but I"ve never seen anyone really come back with anything good from the Prada outlets in the US, at least from my friends, but we've all had great luck at the Italy outlets. I guess it also depends what you're looking for. I remember hitting Gucci, D&G, Fendi, Prada, Bottega Veneta and I know there were others, but I was there a few years ago so I don't remember everything anymore.

    From Florence there is also a bus you can take that will stop at all of the outlets, then you don't have to worry about cabs, its usually like 25Euro.
  10. Luisa via Roma is a store in Florence as well as online. Once in Florence, you can go to the tourist info places and get info on the outlets, bus, etc.

    Here is the link for the Swiss outlets, just depends on which area you are going to be traveling:

  11. Luisa Via Roma is the online shop of the store in Florence and this is the address:
    50100 Firenze (FI) - Via Roma, 19-21/R phone: 055 217826. You xan call for Balenciaga prices.
    In Milan u can find Bbags at :
    Banner Boutique 20121 Milano (MI) - Via S. Andrea, 8/A
    phone: 02 76004609 • 02 76004361.
    Approx price for a bbag "work" is euro 950.:yes:
  12. The Roberto Cavalli store in Milan is this:
    Roberto Cavalli
    20121 Milano (MI) - Via Della Spiga, 42 phone:02 76020900
    and in Florence:
    Cavalli Roberto
    50123 Firenze (FI) - Via Tornabuoni, 83/R phone: 055 32421 • 055 2396226 • 055 317754
  13. This is the Prada outlet of Montevarchi, Tuscany:
    PELLETTIERI D’ITALIA (Prada, Byblos)Levanella, Montevarchi – Via Aretina 63 Tel. 055 91901
  14. And this is the address of the official Prada outlet in the Marche county:
    PRADA (SPACE OUTLET) Clothes, shoes and accessories
    Indirizzo: Via ALPI (ZONA INDUSTRIALE), 97
    Citta': MONTEGRANARO Provincia: Ascoli Piceno
  15. If u like Gucci and other brands, here's the address of a very good outlet:
    The Mall
    outlets of: Agnona,
    Bottega Veneta, Emanuel Ungaro, Ermenegildo Zegna, Armani, Gucci, La Perla, Loro Piana, Salvatore Ferragamo, Sergio Rossi, Valentino and Yves Saint Laurent, Tod's e Hogan
    Via Europa 8, localita Leccio, Reggello FIRENZE, tel. 055-8657775