Need help! Got my first chloe last Friday!

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  1. #1 Jul 6, 2009
    Last edited: Jul 6, 2009
    I went to woodbury last Friday and got my first chloe bag there:nuts:

    I saw this small white bag in the chloe outlet and fell in love with it at first sight! The final price is 700.44 pre tax.

    Honestly I don't know much about chloe bags. The only thing I know is that my bag is a baby paddington. So if anyone can tell me more information about my bag I'd really appreciate:P For example, is it a good deal? When did this style come out? I saw several other baby paddingtons in the store with different colors. But the one I bought is a little bit different from others. Will the white color fade or become dirty easily?

  2. After reading some posts here, I realized it's a mini one not a baby one.
  3. hi, welcome to Chloe. Love your baby paddy. Mini & babies are the same thing.
    You also have a python version - congrats. Its a lovely bag. I havent seen these python ones in baby paddies - yours is the first i've seen.
  4. Looks like you got a great deal -- that's the python/leather mix- beautiful!!
  5. Thanks for all your information! A python version? How many versions do paddingtons have? When I was in the store, I saw most of them made of lamb, which are very soft and cute.
  6. There are lots & lots & lots. Check out the paddy references in the shopping thread, you'll be amazed.
  7. Oh, it's lovely! I like the snakeskin and leather combination, didn't know they had it in baby size. Congrats, I think you got it for a great price :smile:
  8. Thanks!!
    Now I'm kinda worried about the python part. Will the small python parts come off the bag easily?
  9. Wow, great deals for beautiful bag
  10. What a pretty little pearl!
  11. It's cute! Love the python combo. Congrats!
  12. Beautiful Paddy...and great deal!
  13. I don't think they will, as long as your not abusing her to bad. I love my pythons!!!!!!!!!! Super cute girl!:nuts:
  14. Beautiful !!! I don't think you should worry about the python coming off.
  15. I've never seen the baby in python combo either but she's a beauty! Congrats!:smile: