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  1. I have a dilema... I'm going to Paris (MY DREAM VACATION!!!) on March 14, but i just saw the cutest COACH tote on eBay that i have been wanting (well not wanting more like eyeing...) and its $149.00 problem is on Sunday i bought the Stripe Tote in Punch sooooooooo how do i justify this purchase? More importantly will there be cheap COACH in Paris?? OR should i just save my $$ for Paris... I need your HELP!! You guys are the only ones that would understand this dilema... Please help! THanks in advance!
  2. save your money for paris!!!
  3. yes save save save..there will be lots to buy there....and you can always buy coach here in the states... i took my first trip to paris in feb about 3 years ago and loved it!!!!!! check out what the parisian women are carrying.........i saw alot of longchamp bags and they are much more affordable in paris than they are here........maybe you could pick up a bag there........and BTW..most parisian women do not carry Louis.......i was told by an SA in a store there....they carry longchamp and other brands
  4. SAVE!
    you will probably find so many more things in paris that you will like more than coach bags (i know, i have just said the unthinkable!)
  5. Definitely save!!!
  6. LOL You guys are too funny... but its a gorgeous tote... look:
    48bb_1.jpg 1e15_12.jpg
  7. I lived over seas for 11 yrs, you are going to be blown away with the different accessories that are out there and the 'Euro' style. That tote will be on eBay next month and the month after. Save your money honey.
  8. It's a nice tote. But I would save if I was you. I havent been to Paris but I've been to Italy and Germany and the shopping is amazing.
  9. That tote will always be up there on eBay, its not rare, but actually one of the more common bags, so save now, and buy later.
  10. Ok Thanks but what about the Signature stripe tote in punch... should i return it??
  11. I agree with everyone else - you can always get Coach here, save for your special trip and get something extra special there!

    Most importantly, have a fun, safe trip!
  12. Save your money for Paris. Shopping is amazing there. Any of the American brands are more expensive there - buy something French and it will be a deal!
  13. You have to go to Morgan de Toi, and Promod. They tend to have really cute stuff! And if you don't have it at home, check out Zara!

    Agree, longchamp is popular also lancaster.
    Get shoes and clothes there, everyone will wonder how you always look so cute!
    (I just came back from 6 months in France and I loved the shopping!)

    Have a great time hun! Save your cash for this, you will really need it, the euro exchange isn't a great deal for us americans.
  14. I totally agree with everyone that money for paris and have fun!!!!
  15. Another vote for saving your money. Also, since Coach is an American brand, it would probably be more expensive in Europe.

    Also, I have that it at TJ Maxx so that is always an option too.