Need help!!!.....glue stain on zip

  1. I got this new bbag and found that there was a small piece of glue on the zip.
    So I tried to remove it by leather care cream (as to my knowledge, sometimes oil can remove the glue).
    It's less sticky now, but left the stain as in the pic. I don't know what to do.
    Does anyone know how to clean this?
    Should have asked for some advice before doing any experiment. :sad::crybaby:

  2. I am so sorry honeyp.. I would wait to see what the other ladies suggest, but in the meantime you could research by dabbing glue on any old zipper, letting it dry, then adding the leather care cream..see I think that the leather care cream being greasy by nature has made a once you replicate this spot you can try putting a folded paper towel behind the stain for absorbtion and dabbing on top of the stain with, say a Tide pen, or some Woolite on a q-tip..if you find something that works on the trial zipper you can then try it on your lovely Bbag zipper.