Need help - Givenchy or Celine??

  1. Great decision, I love to own a cabas one day, but hands down pandora and Celine luggages!!
  2. Pandora :tup:
  3. i think the celine looks big on you.. i vote for Givenchy
    good luck!
  4. i prefer the pandora as well ~~
  5. Keep the Pandora, the color is so neutral and versatile. :smile:
  6. I really like the Pandora better. I think the proportion of the Celine is too big against your frame.
  7. I love both desingers but the Pandora is very trendy and not so functional! Unlike most the bags both designers produce!
  8. i own the celine cabas , vertical, gusset just like yours...and love it!
    i love to wear it with shorts and summer dresses and sandals to ground my outfit in a way...
    but with pants/ jeans, i love to be hands free and usually prefer something with a long strap on top of hand held bag.. i usually go with my old and battered YSL rive gauche in cream , balenciaga first in black and now my newly acquired givenchy nightingale in maxi size!

    Kudos on the celine luggage./.. i have that in anthracite.. and can't go wrong with that!

    FYI, the cabas does come in an east/ west shape , horizontal !
  9. Another vote for the pandora!! :graucho:
  10. ITA! :smile: The pandora is lovely.