Need help - Givenchy or Celine??

  1. Pandora look better on your frame. :smile:
  2. Generallt, I think having a light colored bag is a good idea. It's great for summer and it's nice in colder weather too--just a winter whit-ish kind of look.

    In this instance, however, I suggest returning both. Neither is wowing you (or you've got concerns about eaither even though you like it) and you've already indicated you only want to keep one (so you're not attached to either). At that price point, you should be tickled with happiness over your latest purchase and it doesn't appear you are.

    ETA: And you've even indicated that saying neither is OK so...
  3. Love pandora on you!
  4. I would normally say Celine, but as others have said, the Givenchy seems perfectly suited for you! The distressing is also completely yummy :tup:
  5. I may be prejudiced as I own the zippered cabas -- but I use mine as a work tote rather than a handbag, so the size is a plus -- I'm not really a fan of the Pandora. I don't know -- the style looks awkward to me (altho the leather is amazing). I also think you can't beat the cabas as far as value is concerned -- they're extremely well made and they're leather inside and out.

    and even if you decide to use the cabas as a handbag rather than a tote, there's something very chic and stylish about them. A lot of the bloggers have been photographed with Cabas bags and I haven't seen a bad pic yet -- I think it's an amazing, versatile bag! (and that leather only gets better w/age!)
  6. neither, wait until another bag.
  7. I vote for the Pandora, it's gorgeous!
  8. my vote goes to the pandora too. the celine looks kind of "akward" on you where the givenchy fits you perfectly
  9. keep the givenchy
  10. Personally, I prefer the style of the Celine, but I do think it's a little too long. But I prefer the color of the Givenchy.
  11. I would keep the Pandora! I just got a sand coloured Pandora in pebbled lambskin and I love it! Haven't had a chance to use it yet, but it looks chic and seems very practical and easy to carry :tup:
  12. have decided yet?

    i'm a fan of both bags. don't have a cabas yet, but own a brown pandora. personally prefer pandora in medium to dark colors for the fiercer look, but that's just me :p... plus, my sil got a nasty color transfer on her light tan! although wipes took out much of the stain, there were still some visible left, so......

    the celine, on the other hand, i luv! i'm 5'3.5", in pics i thought the vertical looked too long n/s, but when i finally tried irl, its so effortlessly chic! wearing it slightly unzipped showing the gussets helps balance out the tall structure... now, i'm just waiting for more colors to come in!
  13. -double post-
  14. Everyone's comments have been really helpful, and this one really struck me. You shouldn't have to talk yourself into a $$ bag. I do like both very much, but there are good reasons to not keep ether (Cabas too long, Pandora easily stained and may be too stark for my mostly black wardrobe). There are some other bags I'm really interested in right now, so holding out for one of those is probably the right thing to do. But they are both lovely and will be hard to let go of!
  15. /\/\

    I think they will be hard to let go of because they are pretty bags. But, as you note, your eye is already wandering (which in our bag loving world is to some degree quite natural, but already...) I'm curious about what you have your eye on.