Need help getting through waiting for Chanel!

  1. I am obsessed with getting the classic Chanel flap (medium, black, lambskin) when I saw it the other day wandering through the boutique. I can't get it out of my mind!
    I am definitely going to get it...but I probably won't be able to get it until the summer because I have to save up for it since I'm paying back student loans and have lots of extra costs every month. I don't know how I'm going to be able to wait that long! I feel like just skipping the loan and buying the bag next month but I know I shouldn't do that.
    I just bought a LV Batignolles Horizontal and I'm wondering whether to return it to help fund the Chanel (the cost with tax is $2700!! eek)

    How do you guys pass the wait time to get your dream bag?? Any suggestions?
    I am seriously obsessed and don't know how I'm going to get through till the summer!
  2. I know how you feel! I've been waiting to buy a classic flap too.

    But remember it's *just* a bag (am I going to get kicked out of here for saying that? :smile:) and shouldn't be prioritized over making loan payments! It's not worth jeopardizing your credit score, which will affect so many things down the road.

    I do think it would be a good idea, though, to return the LV bag. That will go a long way in helping to save up for the Chanel.

    I find that anticipating a purchase makes it that much more special when I get it. Better than instant gratification IMO.
  3. It's really worth the wait...and worth saving up for!!! Being in debt is no fun and getting further into debt (even if it is Chanel) is a really BAD idea.
    When you get the bag after saving up for it, it will feel so much sweeter.

    [Pssst...I would return the LV]
  4. When you have saved up for the bag, you will feel so great when it finally is in your hands. It is deffinitly worth the wait
  5. Don't skip your loan! That's more important and you'll jeopardize your future bags with bad credit! ;):smile: Wait it out. If you can return your other bag, do that and you'll be that much closer to your Chanel purchase. Are there any "odd jobs" you can pick up between classes to help with quick cash?
  6. I know it will be worth the wait, it just seems so far away! *sob*
    I won't skip out on my loans...that's just crazy me talking hehe

    I am working full-time now so I want to put away some money every month. I am still thinking about returning the LV...but it's starting to grow on me! oh no...hehe
    If I keep obsessing over it everyday it will make time go so slowly though...I need some distraction or I need to rob a bank a la "Jumper" hehe
  8. Return the LV. If you are even thinking about it you probably aren't crazy enought to spend that much money for it.
  9. Return the LV! *wink*... btw, is it 2700 canadian dollars? I JUST called the hotline the other day and I could've sworn the lady said it was around 2200 before tax (USD)... with these price increase rumors my head is spinning..
  10. Ugh you guys this is so hard. I'm looking at my LV now and I don't know what to do. I guess I could keep it but wait a bit longer for the Chanel...but I want the Chanel ASAP. This is so hard! lol

    bisousx- it is 2700 Canadian dollars including tax. Crazy eh?? $2400 before tax plus 13% tax for the medium in lambskin
  11. return the LV and keep saving a little each month/week

    summer is almost here you know, why just the other day I was enjoying nice weather here...
  12. Ok so now I am mostly convinced to take back the LV...I can always get the BH anytime anyways. So with the money I save, I figure if I really budget, I can have the Chanel flap in a month!
  13. I just know it will be worth the wait and frankly, no bag is worth debt to me. I just don't believe in having to make a payment on things like that so I know that in the end, I'll have my bag and I'll be happy that I don't have to make payments.

  14. I am currently waiting for 2 Chanel bags from ACT II and I did give into some LV accessories but take back the bag. Keeping the LV bag is tempting since you have it, but unless this was a bag you really wanted, I would say save the money and wait for the Chanel bag.
  15. ^ I couldn't agree more! With allllllll of it! :yes: