Need Help Getting the Discount Line Out

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  1. I posted this in the Glass Slipper Forum, but only got a few replies. I believe there was once a thread in this subforum on removing the black marker line that outlets and other discounters use to prevent returns, but can't find it. Anyone have the link?

    Any new ideas are welcome! Thanks!
  2. I remember some people saying that the magic eraser works. I dont' know if this works though.
  3. Thanks, Katie and Kaeleigh. Ok, I'll try that when they arrive...just nervous that I will mess up the leather inside. Someone suggested using painter's tape to protect the leather so I will try that too.

    Anyone ever use this method with good results?
  4. Goo Off! iT works like a charm!
  5. Hairspray also works beautifully. Spray and wipe! You can spray close-up on a q-tip and wipe, if you're working on the inside of the shoe.
  6. Oh! Will Goo Off and Hairspray work on the fabric tag?...the line is on a pair of Lanvin flats (Sorry, CL, I cheated).
  7. A picture would help but I'll tell you how I got my numbers ( Nordstrom is famous for this) off my Coach Sydnie's. I used a sponge file (like for nails) and sanded the bottoms of my shoes.

    If you need a picture I'd be happy to snap one.

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  8. I've had the same question. I haven't bought any (yet), but I've seen different shoes, including CL's, for sale, but they put a big slash mark with black marker right on the inside through where it says "Christian Louboutin" in gold. I'd worry in trying to remove the black marker you'd remove the name as well.
    Sorry this isn't an answer, but this is something that I've been wondering about myself.
  9. My experience with hairspray was on the sole. It only removed the black marker and none of the red. I'd say you're safe using that (Goo Off as well, I'm certain) on the insole as none of them contain strong solvents. Paint thinner on the other hand, I wouldn't put anywhere near a shoe, although it would definitely remove the marker line!
  10. I tried nail polish remover on my CL's and it did not work.
  11. The tag that has the marker is fabric. These are Lanvin flats. I know this is a CL subforum, but I feel so at home with my fellow CL enthusiasts here that I thought I would try...
  12. yeah i tried the magic eraser, and it blurred it out a bit, but yes, it also erased the gold Christian Louboutin label on the inside sole of the shoe....
  13. I have used magic eraser with no problems. However, I used a wetter side when going over the part with only marker and not so wet going over the gold part.
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    These are the lanvin flats I have been talking about. The tag is fabric. I posted in the CL forum because you guys are so great and usually have wonderful ideas. (Photo from ebay)

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