Need help from your husband, boyfriend, brother, uncle, dad, granddad…

  1. Not for anything risqué, LOL.

    Essentially as with my life in general, I have yet again another dilemma. I want to buy a new watch for my husband. It comes down to these two: Rolex Cosmograph Daytona Paul Newman versus Patek Philippe Grand Complication 5970.

    I know that these two are completely different: the Rolex is the ultimate ‘boy’s toy’ and the Patek is the height of horological perfection. But unfortunately, I am currently unemployed so I can’t afford both, LOL.

    So it would be really great if you can ask your male counterpart (of any type) which one he would prefer because for one of these I have to part with a bit of money and need as many opinions (without telling my husband) as possible. The fact that both of these do not come around too easily – one is a HOT vintage and the other is a more-difficult-to-get-than-a-Birkin watch – does not make it any easier!

    I’ve been asking 30 people I know (both boys and girls) and it’s literally 50:50! BTW, both comes to around the same price and the waiting time is definitely different (one now, the other 2+ years) but it does not matter.

    Borrowed pics from Google Image:

    Patek Philippe 5970

    Rolex Daytona
  2. my BF's not inright now be I'm pretty sure he'd say the patek I'll confirm with him later
  3. patek.
  4. Patek also
  5. dh says he likes the rolex better. he's a bit biased though since he loves rolex watches.
  6. I just got my husband the rolex daytona. He loves it. Alot of guys who like rolex are not big fans of patek and vice versa. It also depends on which daytona. Leather band, 2 tone, stainless. My husband got the 2 tone Daytona with black mother of pearl face. It is the best looking watch I have ever seen. The black MOP was just the right touch

    Ok just saw the pic. Have you located the stainless steel rolex? If you are wanting to buy it new, the waitlist is crazy (3years) and if you buy if used they are selling for over retail due to demand. . . . with that said if you can get the stainless steel rolex get it . . . they ARE VERY hard to come by
  7. My DH liked the Patek.
  8. Patek. DH has a hate for Rolex, so did his father. Must be genetic.

  9. I just asked my BF, hearing the 2 brands he jumped on Patek.Then he really likes both so he said that it depends of the style of your husband. The Rolex looks more sporty and Patek more classy. And right now (he is still talking) he 'd pick Patek, definitely more classy and refined. He likes what it stands for compared to Rolex. That was my man 's opinion !
    Tell us what you decide.
  10. Patek wins hands down
  11. I love the Patek...hubby would definitely like it too.
  12. patek here also
  13. My DH says "neither" because he does not like all the extra gew-gaws on the watch faces. If it were up to me I would choose the Patek.
  14. Rolex :biggrin:
  15. Fiance likes the Patek. He was never fond of Rolex tho...when he had a choice, he chose Cartier over Rolex.